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RE: SWAT illegal during competition?

Title: RE: SWAT illegal during competition?


There you go asking those practical, unanswerable drug questions again!!  According to AERC, we are supposed to "know" and "research" these things our selves.. <tongue in cheek>

The only cite I have is the drug policy that circulated from AERC & is on Steph's web site.  Only non-absorbable topical wound dressings are allowed.  I'm not sure what the absorbable portion of SWAT is, but I have seen it specifically mentioned as illegal by vets on this list and at rides that I attend.  I will try to find out what substances are in it & report back.

Withdrawal time?  Who knows!  Is it tested for?  Probably not, but maybe.  I would not use it for 3-5 days before a competition if it was to repel ear flies.   If I was using it for an injury. the horse wouldn't be competing anyway.

Here's a web site that lists SWAT, though not the ingredients other than pyrethrins.

Linda Flemmer

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From: Glenda R. Snodgrass []

> I believe that Farnam
> is the maker of a medicated fly repellant ointment called SWAT.  It's pink
> illegal to use during competition,

SWAT is illegal to use during competition?  I regularly use this as fly
repellant in Lakota's ears, particularly during high summer when the gnats
get in there and chew the skin up. :(  Why is this illegal to use during
competition, do you know?  Is it illegal to use any fly repellant during
competition?  How long before competition should I discontinue use of

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