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Re: RC: Fwd: NATRC Swanton Ride - Tales of the Green Horse

In a message dated 7/20/99 11:18:30 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< The Mcrarry's do an awesome job with this ride - sawing, chopping and=20
 generally beating the vegetation into submission so that we can ride.  The=20
 food was superb and 20 years of experience putting on an NATRC ride really=20
 shows. >>

Just so no one becomes confused, as there are a good many McCrarys, all 
related, living in Swanton .... our sister-in-law Emma McCrary is the 
originator of the Swanton NATRC and this was the 26th year (at least 25th).  
She offers wonderful trails .... tough, scenic, and usually a new section 
every year.  The amount of work this woman and her husband Bud put into 
building new trails would boggle the mind.  Bud loves anything mechanical, so 
he's in seventh heaven on his trail building machine.  Emma loves to explore 
new routes and discover ancient trails and logging roads.  I drag rode Open 
on Saturday and rode trails I didn't know existed.  Now that I do know where 
they are, I have new routes upon which to train for endurance.  We interact 
with trails ... she uses for her rides some of the trails Lud and I built, 
and we use for endurance some of the ones they have built.  Pretty neat! 
So after reading Dbeverly4 posts on ridecamp for many months, I finally met 
her.  What fun.  It was a great weekend.  And yes, I got into the 
yellowjackets, too.  That's a drag rider's privilege .... the yellowjackets 
are thoroughly riled up by the time the drag rider comes through.  Bud 
deserves a certificate for being the official Yellowjacket Exterminator.

Barbara McCrary
(Swanton NATRC's sister-in-law)

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