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Horse wanted

Ok, I have read all of the responses to this person who wants a horse for
nothing and now I too have to comment.  Let me preface this by saying, maybe
rather than buying horses for his kids he can do 1 of 2 things:
have the children go to a local barn and volunteer all their time in return
for lessons.------ I did this from the time I was 9 to 13 and rode under
Barbara Worth and then because I new how to stay on a horse bought at the
age of 13 a 2 yr. old off the race track and successfully trained, showed
and raised him until he was 9 and then sold him to a really nice family who
had a little boy who also wanted to show in the english arena. (sorry for
the run-ons).  or put the $$$ right into lessons for these children.  I
don't know it seems like the logical thing to do if you have children who
need as broke of horses as he makes it sound, they probably don't know how
to ride.

The other end of the scope is when you have spent the last 17 yrs. of your
25 yrs of life riding consistently you can once in awhile run into great
deals like I did and be able to purchase a 2 yr. old unbroke absolutely
beautiful dapple grey mare with jet black mane & tail  who is out of The
Real McCoy.  This purchase was the result of a women going through a
divorce.  The outcome of this story is that I broke that filly myself while
she was 2, conditioned her as age appropriate for the next few years and did
our 1st 50 when she was 5.  This horse epitomizes my belief about those rare
women out there (and you know who you are).  She stops for nothing, she
never hesitates, she never quits, she will finish on 3 legs if need be, and
most of all she never lets me down.  Through snow, sleet, rain, wind, flash
floods, she endures without yielding.  This is the return I get from being
in and around these wonderful animals.

P.S. I paid 325.00 for this mare.

Happy trails!

Kimberly Ross & Roxy

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