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Re: RC: tevis horse wanted: response to dreamweaver

At 05:45 PM 6/25/99 -0700, you wrote:
>wendy Lumbert
>  My own horses are not for lease
>for any price, I don't want them ruined.

So why not ride your own horses at Tevis?

>I do  pay people to ride them when
>I cannot but want them to do a race with someone who rides well and will
>follow my instructions. Apparently this is a novel concept to more than 
>one ridecamper;  that is the only reason I am responding to you. Sure is a 
>lot of sarcasm out there.

Why do you assume that because somebody leases a horse that they won't take 
care of that horse?  Or  won't take care of the horse per the owners 
instructions?  Seems to me like somebody paying a large sum of money to 
lease a horse for Tevis has a goal in mind - to complete the ride.  Most 
people aren't out to trash or over-ride horses.  You do see the riders at 
Tevis on leased horses taking excellent care of them.  They want to 
complete as bad as anybody else.

But why would somebody that has nothing invested (free horse, free entry) 
be as careful?  How would the person lending the horse and paying the entry 
know that the rider cared that much about the horse.   If they don't 
complete, big deal. They aren't out much.

Most people do care about their horse.  They care a lot about their horses 
-- especially one that they have spent the (several) years necessary to 
build a horse up to the level of being able to complete a ride like the 
Tevis.  Allowing anybody to ride your horse in a ride like Tevis is a 
serious decision to be made - whether you charge a fee or not.  Most people 
realize the value of a horse that has been brought to that level and to 
them their horse is worth a *lot* more than just to let somebody else ride 
it and in addition pay the ($275) entry fee.  What about the risks 
involved?  *Any* horse entering a ride like that could end up being 
treated, hurt, injured, having it's career ended, or worse yet, it could 
die.  This with or without a conscientious rider. Accidents 
happen.  Anybody contemplating letting their horse be ridden at Tevis by 
somebody else should at the very least carry medical/mortality insurance on 
the horse.  There is too much at stake, and I just thought it was asking a 
big much for somebody not only to supply a stranger with a horse that was 
at Tevis level, but also willing to pay their entry fee.  Who gets the buckle?

But then again, it's their risk.....I would not be willing to risk one of 
my horses like that.  A Tevis ready horse is a valuable commodity, and IMO, 
not something to be given away so freely.

I realize somebody might want their horse ridden in Tevis, just to be able 
to say that the horse did Tevis.  Obviously whether or not somebody lends a 
horse out, or leases a horse out...they need to check out the person who 
will be riding the horse beforehand.  It's a two way street with good and 
bad on both sides.

Good luck finding a horse.


Happy Trails,

in NV
& Weaver, 2,880 miles
& Rocky, 1,595 :+)

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