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Leased horses

The VAST majority of people who lease horses (now, I am NOT
talking about
the Tevis, since I have never been there) are VERY
responsible and
experienced and WILL follow
instructions..You can put anything you want in a lease

Valerie kanavy regularly leases horses.  I have seen a great
many leased at
FEI rides around the world.  I have NEVER seen a leased
horse abused...these
people who do lease,
really DO want to finish...and to finish, they must listen
to the owner.

If your horse is worthy of leasing (i.e. and experienced 100
miler or
whatever)  there is LITTLE chance of your horse being

Now, how many of the horses at the WEC in 1996 in Kansas
were leased?  The
VAST majority.


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