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Hi, Campers,

   Like most horsemen, I find myself examining Jordan's manure for worms, 
eggs, etc. I remember the recent discussion on tapeworms. And so the question 
hit me, how big is a tapeworm proglottid? (Egg case). Are we talking rice 
grain size? Smaller, larger? Lots of them or only one or two per manure ball? 
Do I smear the ball around, trying to open it or do I let it dry out, then 
look?? What do they look like, when they're alive and fresh...different than 
the nasty things I remember floating about in formalin in Biology 101?

On a side neighbor's grandkids are visiting them. The six year old 
saw me bent over in Jordan's paddock, and he came over to see what I was 
doing. He saw me stirring what was very obviously fresh manure, and asked, 
"what are you doing?" "I'm looking for eggs." I said, not really paying 
attention to him. He gave me a look of contempt and said, "Horses don't lay 
eggs, and it's not in their poop!!" Then he stomped off, mad!!

Michelle and Jordan (here, mom, want some more? I got lots............)

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