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Re: RC: tevis horse wanted: response to dreamweaver

So, let free market prevail.  Some folks want to finish badly enough to lease 
a horse.  Other folks have horses that they want to send through with 
experienced riders and are willing to make deals with the right rider to do 
so.  For the most part, both scenarios work, provided folks are honest with 
each other.  What's the big deal here?  I didn't see anything strange about 
Wendy's post--either someone will take her up on it or they won't.  Same 
thing with leases--either someone will lease a proffered horse or they won't. 
 Since I don't have a "Tevis horse" at the moment, the point is moot, but I 
can well imagine that even if I had a horse that I could lease for big bucks, 
I might still possibly make a deal such as Wendy wants to the "right" rider.  
In this sport, it isn't necessarily always about the bucks--sometimes it's 
about seeing what you or your horse can do under certain circumstances, and 
sometimes it's even about helping someone out.  How often we forget that....


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