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Re: RC: Re: Horses wanted

Just my $.02 worth here...but it does depend on the area you live and the 
time of the year.  In certain areas of the USA horses are cheaper than 
others.  When I first moved to MN, I was amazed at the price of Quarter 
Horses....I mean well trained barrel horses.  Called a friend of mine out 
West and told her it would definitely be worth the cost of shipping it home.  
A good well trained barrel horse out West is usually priced around $8,000.  
Not here, I've seen them in the paper for as little as $4,000.  Never have I 
seen a barrel horse priced around the $8,000 mark, and I check the paper 
every never know what you might find!!!

So before everyone trashes this woman (too late I guess) you should take a 
look at the area that she lives in the horse economics of that particular 

Diane & Phoenix (hey I wasn't cheap!!!!)

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