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Re: RC: sleister hackamores

Then only use a light touch on him. The long shanks will
only provide more leverage than the shorter shanks if you
actually use them.  You might have to be more careful, but
that may actually be a good thing (training yourself for
lighter hands).

I've been using a plain mechanical hack on my gelding lately
and it doesn't fit right. I think I'll look into a Sleister

Kirsten wrote:
> All of the Sleister hacks I've seen for sale
> have the really long shanks - I'm not sure if those are necessary
> for this horse or not.  He really only needs a light touch (of course,
> he's really out of condition and lazy right now, too).  Are there
> Sleisters available with shorter shanks?  If not, I'll probably end
> up buying one anyway, just so I can sneak out to the barn late at
> night and admire it hanging in the tackroom.  (Really, I'm not a
> weirdo...)

Kirsten (Price) Foruria
Vermilion Desert Ranch
Reno, Nevada

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