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sleister hackamores

I have just recently seen a couple of Sleister hackamores in person,
and all I can say is "WOW."  The first one I saw just
plain a gorgeous piece of equipment (I drooled over it for several
minutes in the tack store, braided noseband kinda like a fancier
Western bosal and it felt so BALANCED).  Saw the flat leather
noseband one in another tack store, and that one was no less impressive
in its quality (and price *gulp*).  Sooo, I'm trying to convince
myself that I need one.  I ride my gelding in State Lines western
short shanked, fleece lined leather noseband one with the curb chain
replaced with a smooth nylon curb strap.  If he starts getting too
heavy in the mechanical hackamore, I school him a little in one of
his Colombian bosals.  All of the Sleister hacks I've seen for sale
have the really long shanks - I'm not sure if those are necessary
for this horse or not.  He really only needs a light touch (of course,
he's really out of condition and lazy right now, too).  Are there
Sleisters available with shorter shanks?  If not, I'll probably end
up buying one anyway, just so I can sneak out to the barn late at
night and admire it hanging in the tackroom.  (Really, I'm not a

Waller, TX

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