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Re: RC: sleister hackamores wrote:

> angela
> I have just recently seen a couple of Sleister hackamores in person,
> and all I can say is "WOW."  The first one I saw just
> plain a gorgeous piece of equipment (I drooled over it for several
> minutes in the tack store, braided noseband kinda like a fancier
> Western bosal and it felt so BALANCED).  Saw the flat leather
> noseband one in another tack store, and that one was no less impressive
> in its quality (and price *gulp*).  Sooo, I'm trying to convince
> myself that I need one.

That is ALL we use on our horses - Sleister hackamores, with the wide leather nose band.  They are the mildest ones made.  The braided
rawhide are much more severe.  Yes, they are well balanced and well made, and expensive.  However, they hold up for many years.  We
still have our original ones.

A boarder of mine wanted to switch his horse to a hackamore and I told him to buy a Sleister, not a cheap copy.  Well, he went out and
bought a cheap copy and the thing was not balanced and the curb chain was so tight, there was absolutely no give to it at all.  That
was definitely a "you get what you pay for."


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