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Immune Sytem

Hi Shelee,  

Tom sent the following to me in response to my question:

>In a message dated 12/29/98 3:19:38 PM Pacific Standard Time,
> writes:
><< Some of the herbs you are discussing will "test".  No one
> has told me why or what specific substances are being tested for so this
> makes it awfully difficulty to warn you about which ones might be a long
> term problem.
>  >>
>Get the book, Herbal Medicines, put out by CRC--it's expensive ($350), but
>comprehensive. What you will find is serval classes of herbs that all have the
>same basic chemistry, emphasizing saponins or tannins, etc. Some of these will
>trigger drug "cloudys" because they resemble other drugs that are specifically
>tested for. Once you know the chemistry of the herbs, you can decide which are
>safe to use and which are not.

I have found this very helpful in developing our herbal combinations but
still worry that the lack of field tests could present problems.

Joane White 

(PS to Shelee Lyon--my married name is also Lyon hence "Lyoness")

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