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Re: RC: Stocking up

I'm trying to clear the cobwebs from my brain, but I recall my vet explaining 
that fill that "bounces back" from pressure is different from fill that will 
keep indented if you press on it with your fingers.
Yrs ago, at age 20, Fix started to get Synovitis in a rear fetlock.  I THINK 
the synovitis fill (just above the fetlock) would stay depressed if you 
pressed on it.
The synovitis was more serious as it indicated stress to the fetlock joint.  
Fill that indicated "just" a little overuse would spring back if pressed with 
the fingers.  Experts, please correct me if I'm wrong here!!!!!
As is usual with the first horse, I learned some lessons with Fix, my 1st CTR 
horse.  I didn't watch the legs in the winter & pushed thru the mud & gave a 
clean legged 16 yr old horse windpuffs.  He was always more prone to stocking 
up after that.
The 2 younger horses got a more graduated, slow conditioning program.  I was 
careful to check the legs everytime I took them out & when I got back, & in 
between rides (conditioning or competition)  I am really going to get flamed 
here, but I started Kadance just as she turned 3.  She is now 12, has 2600 
miles of competition (about half CTR & half 50 mile endurance), and has been 
very sound.  She has grade 1/2 to 1 windpuffs in the rear.
I am now putting on my asbestos suit --- Tempo was started at 2 after 
checking with 2 vets.  Just walking for 9-10 months.  Added a little trotting 
& cantering after he turned 3 & was x rayed (clean x rays).  He is now 6, has 
over 900 miles, and has had the cleanest legs of the 3!  He rarely gets any 
fill ---- I attribute the 9-10 months of walking to having put a nice base on 
his legs.  I'm a lightweight rider, which is why the vets gave the ok to just 
walk when he was younger.

Fortunately, I'm going away for the weekend, so maybe the conflagration will 
subside by the time I'm back (HA!)


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