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Re: RC: Pony Power

Lif Strand wrote:

> DreamWeaver wrote:  "Define 'pony'.  Is that breed specific, or are you
> talking any critter under 14.1 hh?"
> I'm thinking breeds here, because  the size of a horse probably wouldn't
> change its response to conditioning all that much from that of it's breed as
> a whole (I think!), but it seems that there could be significant differences
> in responses from breed to breed.

This was my point when I responded to the original post about a 3-yr-old pony,
but I didn't make myself very clear.  It was a Half-Arab pony, so you have
whatever breed of pony that may or may not mature faster, but you still have the
Arab half and I just don't agre with the idea of doing too much riding at that
age.  As I said, I could be wrong, but it seems that as careful as we have to be
with conditioning in general, doing that much that young seems like it's
inviting trouble down the line.Mickie

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