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RE:Pony Power, Little Big Horses? -- SAY WHAT?

Did you read what Leigh said?  The pony finished well and was in excellent
shape to stand for BC.  Not knowing the pony, but only what Leigh wrote
about him, I would not dare to make such blatant accusations such as calling
someone a horse abuser like you did.  Yes, I too have seen some 25 milers
ride their horses into the ground.  In PS region, there are some who are
very consistent in doing that at every ride.  They just don't learn.  BUT,
in this case, it appears that the pony has the ability to finish well.  So
what if it's his first ride or his tenth ride.  If he's capable and not
being overridden then why are you slamming her?  I trust that Leigh knows
what she's doing.  You can train and ride the way you see fit, let Leigh do
the same.  There are many great horses out there that started off in the top
ten from the get go and are still there.  Are their owners abusers, too?  I
think you've gone way off the mark here and you owe Leigh a public apology
for your public accusations.  AND, you should have stayed quiet!!!

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