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Pony Power

WOAH!  Before anyone else uses the term "abuse" let's get answers.  To
get those, we have to ask questions, not jump to conclusions.

Question # 1 is, since it is pretty much in agreement that it takes 3
years to fully condition a horse (this includes bone and tendons, not
just cardiovascular system and muscles) are ponies different from this?
Because if their bones and ligaments can take a shorter conditioning
time, then 4 1/2 years old might not be too young for a pony to be top
tenning, no matter what the speed or distance of the ride.

However, if pony physiology is the same as horses, then more questions
might be in order about how much conditioning ponies need compared to

Remember, top tenning one (first) ride doesn't prove anything yet.   Who
knows what is going on in the bones or tendons, or what would happen if
the pony keeps going?  Maybe we all should be riding ponies - the
Mongols were pretty successful at distance riding, after all!

So next question is:  Who knows the answer to question # 1?


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