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Applegate-Lassen 250 mile-5 day ride

We are leaving this morning for Nevada to mark trail for this ride which is 
scheduled to start on June 6th.  If anyone is planning to enter this ride, 
please send your entry ASAP.  If we don't have a minimum of 10 committed and 
paid entries by Wednesday, June 2nd, we will cancel the ride.  Our apologies 
to the few who are staunch supporters.  Everything is in place, the trail 
will be marked by Saturday night May 29th, and we're ready to go.  We hope 
some of you riders are ready also.  Come join us for an exciting scenic and 
historical experience.  Contact us by phone 831-423-4572, by fax 831-423-8869 
or by e-mail.  (We will return from flagging by Sunday night, May 30th, so 
there will be no response from us until Monday).

Barbara McCrary, ride manager  

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