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Re: RC: cinch galls

I use one on my thin-skinned Arab gelding.  It is the only girth that hasn't
galled him.  You friend needs to buy a good quality one (like Orthoflex)
where the material isn't so porous that it won't snatch at the hairs.
Orthoflex neoprene seems to hold up well, too.

The trick w/ neprene is to allow it to slide a bit.  As the horse sweats
under it, it lubricates and slides over their hide.  At the beginning of a
ride, I'll often sponge mine down before we tack up, and rely on the sweat
to keep it moist.  If it is too tight, these girths will pull at the skin
and cause horrible galling!

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch
Bruceton Mills, WV

S. Willis wrote:

> Has anyone out there used neoprene cinches? I need some immediate
> feedback on them as my riding companion is thinking about buying one for
> her daughters arab mare.

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