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cinch galls

Has anyone out there used neoprene cinches? I need some immediate
feedback on them as my riding companion is thinking about buying one for
her daughters arab mare. The mare is 14 years old and is normally ridden
with string girth. The felt or cordura/felt lined ones gall her
everytime she is ridden with one, no matter what the distance.  It seems
that the string girth is able to roll up a bit, narrowing the width of
it. But even that galls her after thirty miles or so. This mare is
rather round, and has an excess of skin in the elbow area, which is
where the galling appears. On one ride we had to centerfire the saddle
so we could continue. This was on a vacation ride, not an AERC ride. We
were a day's ride from the trailhead.

Thanks in advance!
(ps - I searched the archives for neoprene but found 0 articles - does
that sound right? Did I do my search wrong?)

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