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(no subject)Just had to brag.....

Hi Everyone,  

Just had to pass this on because I was so excited(and since I myself
can't ride right now, I have to enjoy it through others).

Last summer I sold two of my endurance horse(a beautiful 6 year old mare
and her full sister who was a weanling) to an endurance rider in Utah. 
Both mares were out of my very nice SX Challenger daughter and sired by
Wazir's Karahty, owned by Dolly DeCair in Forest Hill, Ca.

Anyway, the rider trained and conditioned  her himself(she is going on
l6 hands and MUCH too tall for me even if I was riding) and entered her
a few weeks ago in the 50 miler "Color Country".(Did any of you go to
this ride?)  She came in 9th place with awesome P&R's and quite "able to
go on", he said.

My same mare is re-bred to Karahty for a late summer foal, and hopefully
I will get another great cross.

I just HAD to pass this on because even if I can't endurance ride right
now, it is nice to see that horses I've bred are starting to do well,
and I just had to "brag" a bit!  Maureen

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