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Re: RC: cinch galls

Hi Susan,

My Orthoflex came with a neoprene cinch and it REALLY gualed my
thin-skinned Arab mare who was anything but fat.(A very hard keeper, in
fact).  The only thing I have found that DIDN'T gual was to use the
fleece or wool cinch covers, always very clean.  When I covered the
neoprene cinch with them, it made a very nice flat cinch which seemed to
do the trick, not ride or twist up, and I never had any more trouble. 
Some people love them, but that was my experience, especially on hundred
milers.  Maureen

S. Willis wrote:
> Has anyone out there used neoprene cinches? I need some immediate
> feedback on them as my riding companion is thinking about buying one for
> her daughters arab mare. The mare is 14 years old and is normally ridden
> with string girth. The felt or cordura/felt lined ones gall her
> everytime she is ridden with one, no matter what the distance.  It seems
> that the string girth is able to roll up a bit, narrowing the width of
> it. But even that galls her after thirty miles or so. This mare is
> rather round, and has an excess of skin in the elbow area, which is
> where the galling appears. On one ride we had to centerfire the saddle
> so we could continue. This was on a vacation ride, not an AERC ride. We
> were a day's ride from the trailhead.
> Thanks in advance!
> Susan
> (ps - I searched the archives for neoprene but found 0 articles - does
> that sound right? Did I do my search wrong?)
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