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Re: RC: cinch galls

I have found that neoprene girths work well when they are new.  After the 
slickness of them wears off they tend to grab at the hair and cause 
discomfort.  I discovered this one day when I, for some reason (can't 
remember why), looped the girth behind my neck the way you would a 
stethoscope.  I noticed that it stuck on my hair.  At that moment I figured 
out why my horse had been getting touchy about the girth area.

I slipped a fleece cover over the neoprene girth and the girth soreness went 
away.  The thing I liked about the neoprene was that burrs did not stick to 
it.  That is something that you have to be careful of with the fleece cover.

~Nora & Tucker
  Ocoee, FL 


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