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Re: marking trail

I think the white rocks sound great but I really believe that my hard working
ever faithful and haul anything trail marking horses (Sackett and Talon) would
balk if I showed up with rocks somewhere other than the ones that rattle
around in my head.  The poor horses haul tons of ribbons on clothespins, signs
in the form of pieplates, 18 inch wire flags (I have a quiver for the flags so
the horse does not get stabbed) + all my clothes and food so I don't starve
while I am out there all day.  But rocks, of course if I figured I could ever
find a rock where I needed it I could just carry the can of white paint.
Anyone ever try spraying cowpies?  Cows don't eat them and chances of anyone
swiping one are probably slim.  Just a thought.  Lovell

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