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Re: Purina Athlete

Don't feed Athlete straight!!!! Mix it with beet pulp or some barley! This
is a 'pellet that is also found in Omalene 100, 200 and 300, and is the
primary difference between the three. I have seen many horses get very sick
when fed Athlete by itself! It is, however, terrific, when mixed with other
foods, for putting weight on a difficult keeper. :-) I've used it for horses
that I've owned that wouldn't touch corn oil, and were thin as a rail with
free choice hay. I fed rolled barley and oats twice a day. When I started
adding a cup of Athlete to each feeding, within one month, the one gelding
blossomed. The new owners then discontinued the Athlete and he went back
downhill. When he was put back on, the weight came right back. Good luck!

Stephanie McCray
Golden, CO

P.S. I've never used Athlete for an Arabian...

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Date: Saturday, January 02, 1999 5:09 PM
Subject: Purina Athlete

Hi all....on one of my treks to the feed store I came across a new product
(new to me atleast) called Purina Athlete.  I have never heard about this
product and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this food?
I started feeding this because my Arabian has tendency to drop weight when
is racing.  I feed a good quality grass hay and they receive oats and sweet
feed.  I do not feed alfalfa because of various reasons. I need to put this
weight on my horse and the amount of oil he would need would be impossible
feed him.  SO....this feed has a lot of fat and protein, it goes like
Crude protein not less than...............14%
Crude fat not less that ......................14%
Crude fiber not more than..................4.0%

All I am wondering is if anyone can see any problem with this feed, or has
heard anything about this, either good or bad.  I greatly appreciate any
information you might have and can give.  Thank you all so very much!!!

It is so warm here lately that all of the horses are shedding, whoopee!!!!!

Johnna Robb

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