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Witez II Bloodlines

I have a 9 year mare who is a great granddaughter of Witez II.
Her dam is Zarzons Sabbath from Witezon Zarzon from Witezar from Witez
On the stallion side she is from Konan from Bask Rhythm from Bask from
Witraz who is from Ofir who is the stallion that sired Witez II.
 Gee I feel like I just went through the who begat who in the bible :-D
She is a wonderful mare,  very strongminded and moves beautifully. I
purchased her as a 6 year old with BIG attitude problems and a history.
Her self preservation is incredible. We worked out the problems and have
done 2 years of LSD and pleasure riding. She had a year off to have a
foal. We started 50's last season and plan on moving to 100 mile races
in the 99 season.
Even after her bad start in life she has become a trusting partner who
will go anywhere I ask.
She has held her color well. At 10 she is still quite dark grey dapple
with a dark mane and tail.

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