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The Egyptian Prince

Just a point of interest....I had never actually thought about grey horses
before.  Had a dapple grey pony as a child and that's about it.  My first
Arab (also my current Arab again...long story) was grey (at 4).  Nice
dapple.  He is 14 now and pretty much pure white.  We recently acquired 3
more Arabs... all grey and all different as can be.... one is a rose grey,
very handsome fella (he's 3, going on 4).  Another is a yearling (almost 2)
filly who is a frosty pink right now.  The weanling is a chocolatey color
yet, looking a little frosty right now himself if you look closely.  I can't
wait to see what these horses look like as they get older!  I just find
color variations fascinating and notice more now that I am in endurance than
I ever did before!!  They are all Egyptian Prince grandget (by AK Prince
Sabah).  Since we've heard about some Witez lines in endurance, anybody have
anything to say about the Prince's line?  These horses are our up and coming
endurance and breeding stock horses!  Hope to see a lot of trail from their
backs and raise a few good endurance prospects out of and by them!  Thanks!

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