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Re: Fee structures and more history

On Wed, 30 Dec 1998 wrote:

> totals to $105 and they only get one EN.  I figure, the EN mag. is worth at
> least $45 per year.  So whats the problem?  I think its great that the AERC

I figure the EN, with the amount of advertising it does ought to about be
able to support itself.

And discussing the AERC's "cost/member" is not a simple task.  There are
many services that the AERC provides, only some of which are enjoyed by
all members.  A competent cost accountant ought to be able to figure it
out (depending on how the AERC has been doing its accounting).

_I_ would like to have the fee structure reflect more closely what each of
the services cost and have them allocated directly to those people who are
using them.

THerefore, if you want to get awards, you have to pay for the awards

If you want to have your horse's mileage tracked, you have to pay to join
the mileage tracking program.

If you want to go to a ride, you have to pay the per rider sanctioning fee
(which ride managers can "include" in the entry fee, or they can break it
out on the form so that people know that that is where some of their entry
fee is going).

If you want to go to convention, you have to pay for convention (what it
actually costs, rather than having it subsidized by members who don't
go...which I don't know if that is currently the case).

"Base" membership ought to be those costs that are the same for every

Figuring these numbers out would not be simple...unless the AERC already
does cost accounting (which it might, I just don't know...certainly last
year's pie chart--or maybe the year before--didn't tell me very much).

As an addendum, asking the question "why shouldn't the AERC give families
a break?" is no more or less valid than "why should the AERC stick the
majority of the costs to "non" families?"

Orange County, Calif.
...who was VERY pleased last year when the AHSA revamped its fee structure
to better allocate costs to those members who actually compete,
understanding that members in different disciplines use the AHSA services
differently...and who ended up paying MORE because of the new fee
structure, because she competes in multiple disciplines....still happy,
because it seem much more equitable for all members...and I'll bet that
the AHSA has more members because of it.

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