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Re: marking trail

  what we 
>are trying to do now is establish a "permanent" marking method 
>will cut down on the work of the ride managers.  I know that some riders
might find it confusing to have more than one type of marking on a ride,
but the labor involved in putting up, and taking down, so many markers is
worth trying this. 

We chose not to go this route at Longstreet's Charge.  All of our trails
are permanently marked with painted squares on trees.  The trouble is, so
are about 40 more miles of trail up there. 

 What happens when someone misses the turn from orange to blue and does
the other half of the mountain that we didn't include?  Also, in order to
loop them in and out of vet checks, we have to overlap trails some.  I
refuse to mark a trail where I intend for riders to need to take out
their map.  

Sure, it's a pain.  This year we marked trails along the brow of the
mountain in a thunderstorm...had a wild sprint for a low place and stood
miserably as the bottom fell out on us...but it's worth it to have riders
able to go full speed without trying to memorize a map.  

I don't think it would be as big a deal in CTR.  They use the same trails
and only mark  the turns.


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