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membership fees for juniors

As a mother of four and grandmother of eight, I am very much aware of
the cost involved in raising children. For my own family, as well as
many others, endurance riding would be out of the question for the
children if the fees for children were increased to equal what one adult
pays now. My oldest grandaughter completed 600 miles this year,
including a 2 day 100 miler and a one day hundred. Our family would not
have encouraged her and hleped her reach her goals unless we felt like
we could afford to do the same for the other children in the family that
want to ride. I have two other granddaughters that want to try this
sport. I am currently unemployed and my husband is retired. We pinch
pennies to help our grandchildren. A higher membership fee for them
would make it impossible.
Lucie Hancock and her eight grandchildren, who all love horses.

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