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Re: Fw: Akhal-Teke horses

kat wrote:

>There are many more breeders of Akhal-Tekes here in the US. The two
>provided on the site are only those that appeal to the
>owners of the site...and neither of those breeders is breeding endurance
>horses or knows anything about endurance.
>Jas Shearer-McMahon in Colorado is a breeder of Akhal Tekes who also
>competes in endurance (she is signed up for the XP 2001, hopoing to do it
>with her AT stallion).  I can probably find her e-mail address if anybody
>is interested.
>Orange County, Calif.

Thanks for the information, kat! I have been corresponding with Steve
Hallmark since he posted a message and some attachments about the breed.
There are apparently a lot more breeders! I am anxious to see how these
horses perform at endurance. They sound promising. It would take a lot to
sway me away from my beloved Arabians, though!

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