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Re: Rain Rot

When my horse had rain rot this last spring (first time ever for him) I went
to the AAEP web site (American Assoc. of Equine Practicioners).  I looked up
rain rot and they recommended cleansing with Hibiclens (buy at pharmacy, in
same section as Betadine).  I believe it contains chlorohexanate.  The
recommendation was to wash the area and gently massage off the scabby stuff.
I did this two times and then left it on for about 10-15 minutes before
washing it off.   It is pretty uncomfortable for the horse when you get the
scabby stuff off.  I just spent some time gently massaging it off with my
He looked pretty hairless after this, but after the 2nd wash his hair
started growing back immediately and it was gone!  He hasn't had a problem
since.  I knew a couple others with the problem at the same time and they
tried all sorts of remedies.  They were amazed how quickly this cleared it
up for me.

Carla Newby

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