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Trails symposium

On Sun, 26 Jul 1998 10:51:05 -0400 Teddy Lancaster
<> writes:
>After a couple of days of thinking, perhaps we need to have an 
>endorsement from AERC so these people can "speak for us" 

To some extent I agree, but then I think it might be good to make it look
like we represent as many groups as possible.  Betsy is a paid AERC
member, so that's not a problem.

But I was thinking, ever heard of the old trick of marching your army in
a circle on the horizon then down the back of the hill, then back along
the horizon again?....We could have one rep. who said, "I represent the
American Endurance Ride Conference", another says, "I represent AERC and
the Northeastern Endurance Riders, another says, "I represent AERC and
the "  Southeastern Endurance Riders"  If the Southeast manages to get
more than one rep, then Betsy claims the west, & central regions, since
they helped fund her, etc. etc.  Rather than just "We 4 are from AERC"

Betsy is apparently a little shy about posting to Ridecamp...seems to
think it needs to be important or something...(never occurs to me). 
Here's her letter in reference to being an AERC member, etc:

 I am talking to Mary Yager to see if I can get a GERA rep to come and
hopefully if it is a female we can room together at Clemson.   I saw
where AERC will put up the funds to pay a rep to go but I figure since I
am going to be getting ridecamp checks in soon the AERC funds can be used
by another.   We need a good showing there.  I also wonder what the
Trails committee at  the S.C. Horse Council is doing about this.  I think
our Ga. Horse Council is trying to get in touch with them.  I am going to
attend the next Board of Directors meeting of the GHC and try to get them
to spring for their Trails Comm. Chair to go- she emailed me that she
wants to and she is a really sweet and diplomatic woman that is used to
working  with the US Gov.   I just got an email that the next mtg is Aug.
17 at 4pm.  Couldn't get that email address for Lucy Hancock to go
through.  B 


Just wanted you to know that she's working hard to get up a good showing.

Once more, I am still receiving e-mails from people who want to send
money.  I have enough pledges for Betsy, so I am e-mailing each of them
and giving them Teresa Vanhove's address.  I had no idea this thing was
going to be so big, but it sounds like a worthy cause, and I'm surprised
to see that the more people who talk about coming...the bigger the
pledges are getting.  If anyone changes their mind, and doesn't plan to
send the check to Betsy, please just send me an e-mail saying so, so that
I won't turn back one of the other pledges that would take your place.  

I still think we're on the right track here.  For those of you who have
pledged money to Betsy, and would like to voice specific concerns for her
to bring up, her address is   She's a very
efficiant person, (she has nagged me horribly to get info from me that I
had promised to send and, then never quite got around to it)  I have this
vision of their organization saying, "Now, who'll deal with Angie?" and
Betsy's the only one who'll take the job.

Feel free to e-mail me or Betsy with any ideas.

Angie McGhee  

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