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Re: white line disease??

Hi, Carol,

If your friend lives in an area where her local farrier may not
be quite up to date on the latest diagnosis and treatment for a
variety of hoof problems, (as I do), access the Farrier website
at  There is a bulletin board at this site
which addresses whiteline disease (WLD), plus all kinds of help
on founder, laminitis, etc.  Post any questions you may have, 
and a journeyman farrier will respond to the bulletin board.

It is a wonderful resource and extremely educational.  I hope with
your help, your friend is able to find the help she needs for her

At 10:58 AM 7/26/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Could someone shed some light on white line disease.  A friend of mine has
>two horses with it now.  One is an old mare that founder many years ago and
>has had white line disease for a number of years.  Just this last week
>another horse came up very lame and the vet said white line disease also. 
>The horses are stalled with runs during the day and are out on a couple of
>acres at night.  She is located south of Houston so the soil is sandy, the
>humidity is high, and usually conditions are wet with this year being
>exceptionally dry.  What causes white line disease?  Could there be a
>problem with the farrier (ie. long toe)?  What are preventative measures? 
>Would a supplement help?  
>I'm going to visit her tomorrow and will take along any responses.
>Carol and Electric Shahck (Mom, remember to pack my mosquito net)  
Sue Riegel, So. Oregon
Peruvians and Keeshonden

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