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Joint questions/ feed question


A friend of mine has a horse that has had a lameness problem.  At the
Timberon ride the vets seemed to think it was maybe arthritis and suggested
a product similar to adequan (can't remember the name) but was less
expensive.  Friend wants to know what others are using for slightly
arthritic horses to keep them comfortable and sound, especially for
multiday rides.  What are the dosages?  How often?  Injectible or oral? 
Any other management protocols?

My 4 yr. old will be doing two 25 milers a month this fall.  We will be
going slow to see the scenery and get used to the ride activities.  These
will be our conditioning rides to start 5O's next fall.  I was considering
using either chondroitin sulfate or glucosamine as a maintenance and
preventative.  I used Cosequin as a maintenance on another horse a couple
of years ago and really noticed a difference in her movement.
Which of the two would be the best?  What product name is highest quality
(ie. Cosequin or Flexfree etc)?  Cost is important but not as important as
quality.  I'd rather pay more for the very best than skimp on a mediocre

I would also like to hear comments about Perform by Farr Better Feed.
It is advertised in Endurance News and has just become available in our
area.  Sounds good in the ad.  Any pros/cons?  I plan on feeding it with
beet pulp.

See ya on the trail,
Carol and Electric Shahck (I'll eat anything that doesn't eat me first!)

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