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Re: problem with shots

I also have a mare that is allergic to anything that bites her. She goes
bonkers if a fly lands on her or is flying around her.  She wears fly sheets
and hood every day when outside. She is not bad for the vet though, she
actually likes him even though he sticks her alot.  The fly sheets help a lot.
She also has recurrent uvientus that is agravated by fly bites.  When she gets
bit a lot her eye seems to react.  This winter I had her tested for allergies
and put her on allergy shots.  Into the last bottle of allergy shots I was
getting reactions in both her eyes so stopped them.  This summer She seems to
be better tolerating everything.  No reactions in her eyes. (Why did I have to
say that, I better go check her eyes now)  I don't know if the allergy shots
had anything to do with it but I like it.  She is now off everything. 
Kathy Gaddis 

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