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Re: Trails symposium

I am looking into attending this.
I have tentive approval of upper management-- Carol..
The cost is not a major issue. A company write off.. and I just have to
sell more 'stuff' to pay for it.
Since I can 'take the time off'   that is Carol will have to answer the
phone and take orders.. I wont loose any 'work time'
I have posted and email to the Clemson office to see if I can take the
motorhome and park on site within resonable walking distance--and not in
the mud. If they permit this , the other costs for me are minimal.
I will let the 'reps' know.
This really is not my thing- but the issue of trails has to be
addressed, and IF we can get  a large group of SERA- AERC-NATRC riders
to attend, they will know we care and want to help develop the trails.

This is the week before the Ride in Mo,, RIde With the Stars. Carol and
I were planning on going, but this should not affect those plans..

Roger R

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