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Re:DVMS and $$, was: cost of coggins

	I realize this is slightly off-topic, but please bear with me.
	When I first started surfing the net, I was tickled pink at the prospect
of electronic communication with other DVMs, etc. As a solo practitioner,
it was wonderful to have the opportunity to bounce ideas off my colleagues. 
	Alas, in place after place in cyberspace, when the topic of veterinary
medicine/tests/treatments comes up, unless it is a site restricted to DVMs,
invariably, one ends up listening to people complain about veterinary fees.
People point out that they *know* how much vaccine, or medication, or lab
work costs, and my goodness! Veterinarians are actually charging more than
	Guess what--we may seem like superhuman beings to some of you (especially
after pulling a 120lb calf <G>) but we have to eat, too. We have bills to
pay, etc. And, especially in terms of this group---we don't charge what
we're worth to vet rides. So, please, if you want to moan and complain
about how rich we are getting off the poor horse owners of the world, don't
do it here. There are so many other places out there where it is a constant
irritation. I'm really tired of feeling like I have to defend my right to
make a marginal living. If I have to do it even here on ridecamp, I'll just
sign off. It's too depressing.
	I'm sure that most, if not all the folks on this list do treat their vets
decently, and don't begrudge them their fees. But before you start posting
away on the outrageous bill you got for x or y or z, please stop and
think--when was the last time you saw people moaning and groaning on a list
about how much money *you* made? Or how much the markup on the water pump
was from what their mechanic charged?
                Rant mode off.
				CMNewell, DVM

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