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Re: Heartrate Threshold

In a message dated 98-05-14 00:26:13 EDT, writes:

<< OK, I just found a few references around here that checked average peak
 HR in racing TBs, which pretty much agree with Tom's figures---average
 max HRs were 223 bpm, but the range was between 204 and 241.  Average
 max HR in trotting horses was listed as 221 bpms, with a range of
 210-238.  It ALSO listed average peak HRs in yearling TBs at 240 bpms,
 with a range of 215 - 251 bpm) while average peak HRs in 3 and 4 year
 olds at 220-230 bpms, so apparently age is a factor as well to some
 extent. >>

Yes, but 245 is way out on the end of the curve, and off the charts for horses
that are traveling anywhere from 30 MPH to 45MPH. An endurance horse going up
a hill hitting 245 is beyond my imagination.


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