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Re: cost of coggins

In a message dated 98-05-14 08:57:22 EDT, writes:

<<  The labs
 are most likely to be getting the cream from this crop.  It just seemed
 strange that price hike and new law went hand in hand.  >>

Lab prices have not gone up here, and I think they are pretty bare bones.  If
the price at the vet's has gone up, compare to the prices of everything
else--it's called inflation, cost-of-living, or whatever.  Also, if your vets
are forced to do more of them due to legislation, they may have been forced to
raise their fees so that they do a little more than break even.  See my
previous post!  I am down to one pair of blue jeans and my shoes have holes in
them.  My horses still want to eat.  There is no crime in getting paid for
one's work.  Coggins tests are still an underpriced bargain compared to what
we put into them.


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