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Re: Sponge vs. Scoop

In a message dated 98-05-14 07:26:00 EDT, writes:

<< I don't recall ever seeing this debate.  I usually carry both since
 you can dip your sponge on-the-fly in any source of water, and you can
 scoop from the water tanks because they won't make the water dirty.
 However, which one do folks think is better for overall cooling of the
 horse at the vet stops and at the end of the ride?

I think it depends more on what your water sources are.  Scoops keep it
cleaner, but sponges are helpful where there is less water.  Here in central
Oregon where we often have to haul every drop to every checkpoint and
waterset, we prefer sponges and many managers provide special sponge buckets,
simply to conserve water.

We DO have a standing joke, though--if it carries a sponge, it is from the NW,
and if it carries a scoop, it has come up from California.  The scoops clank,
the sponges do not, so the sponge riders are better at stealth on the 100's
after dark...


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