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Re: DVMS and $$,

hen was the last time you saw people moaning and groaning on a 
>about how much money *you* made? Or how much the markup on the water 
>was from what their mechanic charged?
>                Rant mode off.

You have my sympathy.  Every time I consider complaining about how much
something costs, I take a look to see just how "overpaid" this person is.
 Ever seen a mechanic driving a Lexus?  

There's nothing more embarrassing than having to tell a friend how much
they owe you...this is a reason I really pity vets, since we tend to want
to be their friends.  I doubt there's a vet alive who couldn't have made
more money treating people, with better conditions to treat them in. 

Also, I know you don't enjoy seeing people losing their animals, etc.
then having to add to their problems by charging them a's a can't do this out of the goodness of your heart. 
So...when my vet (or my farrier) tells me what I owe them, I try to
remind myself how lucky I am that I have good ones.  My farrier started
talking about taking up another line of work once, and that's the last
time I inwardly whined about the cost.  It hit me, "What if he quit?" 
Yes.  They are worth the cash, and we should not make competent vets or
farriers, or whatever feel guilty about charging us...if it's too much,
why didn't we go somewhere else?

Angie McGhee

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