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On Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 08:05:52 -0400 you wrote:


Do not be discouraged. CTR's are judged subjectively.  What one vet sees
another may not...the vet may be right or wrong, but your are paying and entry
fee for his opinion.<<<<


	If the veterinarian judging on an (ECTRA) CTR is "subjective", then ALL
veterinary judging (including AERC) is "subjective", too!  

	We all know vets that we try to avoid at vet check if we "know" the horse
is OK, but there is an anomaly of some sort, yet we will RUN to the same
vet if we think there's a real problem.  

	The term "subjective" implies "subject to personal interpretation" to me.
At an endurance Ride there are usually several vets to concur or not on a

	I have had differences of opinion with veterinarians with whom I've judged
over the years.  The MOST important thing to consider is that MOST
veterinarians have the horse's best interest foremost.

	It is also difficult for a rider to be "objective" about his own horse.  I
wish more riders would "work" rides -- acting as judge's secretary, etc.
and look at the horses through the judge's eyes.

  I think your advice:

>>>>You will have to sit back and assess what happened and decide how best
to improve matters yourself.<<<<<

	is  a golden gem, whether the sport be CTR or ER, as is:

>>>>So much depends on presentation. Experience will teach you the best way
to present your horse to his best advantage.<<<<<

	This is also true for Endurance.  Learning just how fast to jog your horse
so that his vagaries of motion don't appear to be lameness, teaching him to
trot upon command and with ears alert is important in all aspects of long

	Attention to riding skills and balance can help prevent "mechanical
fatigue".  If the score sheets show similar comments ride after ride, it is
not "subjectivity" of the vet that should be questioned.


	>>>>>Good luck and give it years, not just a few rides.<<<<<



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