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cost of coggins

Here in Tx, the cost starts at $25 and is $22 if you have 2 horses done at
same time.  $10 wouldn't be so bad, but if you have more than one or 2
horses then it adds up.  Also, if you take your horse to auction barn then
you don't need one.  But if you sell privately you do.  Don't get me wrong,
I don't bring a horse one without one.  But to have to carrry it one
yourself while riding is getting ridiculous.  Also, at dressage center
where I take lessons periodically, she wants it every 6 months.   I am not
against the test, but it is a bit excessive to have to carry it on you
while you are riding down the road.  I condition by riding down the roads
around here and trailering to a nice forest about 30 min away.  BTW, there
are 'those' who have hight dollar horses who use substitute horse with
similar marking to get a clean coggins.  THere needs to be VERY clear
markings and ID on the papers in order for this to be really legitimate.  I
have had vets assistants barely gloss over and be frustsrataed when I
request the reg info on the coggins paper as well.  It isn't as though it
is as easy to catch as the common cold.  But don't get me wrong, I am FOR
the testing but with some common sense.  Mary Ann

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