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Newbie Looking for Trailer was Weigh Stations

  Geesh, I normally reply personally to each but you guys are great.  So
considering almost all asked the same questions I thought to write the list
  This would be a 1/2 ton pickup and all I can find on specifics of the
engine are Vortec 5700 V8 SFI.  This has the heavy duty towing equipment 
and says 6600 lb GVW Rating.  Our camper is somewhere around 4600 lb GVW
and so is this Moritz that we are looking at.  Now the camper is loaded as
I am one of those folks that packs all but the kitchen sink and still
manages to forget something.  Haha!  When we were camping, we took 2 dogs,
2 cats, 2 kids and 2 adults.  And enough food for an army.
  I do agree wholeheartedly that these salesman will say anything
regardless of safety or capabilities to make a sale.  You guys have more
experience and general wisdom than anyone I know.  I surely thank you for
all those reply's and answers.  Thanks again.
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