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Re: Weight stations Final Word

Hi teddy,
  Teddy Lancaster wrote:
> Jim:
> A class "A" license in Ohio is a CDL with combination/air brake endorsement.  A Class "A" is
> NOT required for most of us unless your truck 1.) has air brakes (then a class "b" will be
> okay"), 2.) Your rig grosses or is rated for over 26,000 pounds.  What is a Class "A" in
> California?

   The rules should be uniform throughout the country. This was mandated by fed DOT 
awhile ago. But I only have the Calif book to look at. Here in Calif only class A's can 
pull a trailer with a GVW over 10,000 lbs. (Fifth wheel RV exception excluded) Class B's 
can drive a towing vehicle (your truck) with any GVW but cannot pull a trailer over 
10,000 GVW. Class C's can only drive 2 axle towing vehicles at or under 26,000 lb.s 
pulling trailers under 10,000 GVWR.  Here you have restrictions on your class A if you 
have not qualified for air brakes. Such a restriction would allow you to pull your heavy 
electric brake horse trailer but not a trailer or towing unit with air brakes.
  Calif used to allow class c's to haul heavier trailers but that changed when they 
had to comply with fed DOT. That is why I think it should be uniform throughout the 


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