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Weight stations Final Word

Well maybe not the final word but I got your attention.

    Every weight station/ state will have their own rules about who should pull in. Here 
in lower Calif they do not want pickups pulling anything to stop. They are too busy with 
big trucks. If you look like a truck, like Teddy's or Rameys, a two ton or bigger then 
they would prefer you pull through although they probably wouldn't chase you if you 
didn't unless they are bored.
  Instead of getting upset about it just pull through in a strange state. Like Ramey 
said, they just usually give you the green light.
  To me the bigger issue here is safety. Heavy units cause more damage in a crash and 
need better brakes for the steep hills. Therefore they inspect them. If you start 
driving a bigger unit they should inspect you more often.  Should we lobby against a 
safety issue? If your rig is in good shape you won't have a problem. If not you may get 
red tagged at the scales.
   Another point to confuse/scare you.  Anybody hauling a trailer with a gross weight 
rating exceeding 10,000 lbs is required to have a class A lic. (RV units excluded up to 
15,000 if fifth wheel, ours are not fifth wheel, we are still a ball pull even if 
  Your trailer will have a tag stating it's GVW (unless pretty old) . If that says over 
10,000 you need a class A. Lots of people are pulling over 10000 GVW trailers without 
class A but you might get a fixit ticket some day for that. (Or if the guy is in a bad 
mood he may not let you move until you find a class A driver) ( I finally got my class A 
just to be safe)

Jim Mitchell
Bakersfield, Ca.

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