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Re: Weight stations Final Word


A class "A" license in Ohio is a CDL with combination/air brake endorsement.  A Class "A" is
NOT required for most of us unless your truck 1.) has air brakes (then a class "b" will be
okay"), 2.) Your rig grosses or is rated for over 26,000 pounds.  What is a Class "A" in


Jim Mitchell wrote:

> Well maybe not the final word but I got your attention.
>     Every weight station/ state will have their own rules about who should pull in. Here
> in lower Calif they do not want pickups pulling anything to stop. They are too busy with
> big trucks. If you look like a truck, like Teddy's or Rameys, a two ton or bigger then
> they would prefer you pull through although they probably wouldn't chase you if you
> didn't unless they are bored.
>   Instead of getting upset about it just pull through in a strange state. Like Ramey
> said, they just usually give you the green light.
>   To me the bigger issue here is safety. Heavy units cause more damage in a crash and
> need better brakes for the steep hills. Therefore they inspect them. If you start
> driving a bigger unit they should inspect you more often.  Should we lobby against a
> safety issue? If your rig is in good shape you won't have a problem. If not you may get
> red tagged at the scales.
>    Another point to confuse/scare you.  Anybody hauling a trailer with a gross weight
> rating exceeding 10,000 lbs is required to have a class A lic. (RV units excluded up to
> 15,000 if fifth wheel, ours are not fifth wheel, we are still a ball pull even if
> gooseneck)
>   Your trailer will have a tag stating it's GVW (unless pretty old) . If that says over
> 10,000 you need a class A. Lots of people are pulling over 10000 GVW trailers without
> class A but you might get a fixit ticket some day for that. (Or if the guy is in a bad
> mood he may not let you move until you find a class A driver) ( I finally got my class A
> just to be safe)
> Jim Mitchell
> Bakersfield, Ca.

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