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Shock Tamer Pads

I just bought Shock Tamer pads for myself and a couple of friends. Actually
our horses will wear them. I purchased them from the manufacturer and talked
with a very helpful person there. He suggested that we trim out the center
of the pads to be used on the hind feet to improve traction and leave the
front pads whole except for drilling two drainage holes. He also suggested
using pine tar and oakum instead of silicone caulking underneath. We're
planning on using the pads for the Old Dominion rocks er, trails and want to
prevent bruising. We don't train regularly on rocks. I'm also considering
continuing to use them after the ride for shock absorption reasons.

I know lots of you have used these or other pads. The only time I've used
pads my horses developed soggy nasty feet under the pads. Did you trim the
centers out? Did you do this on hinds only or all four feet? Any suggestions
appreciated. I'd really like to have some air flow and be able to clean some
if possible. The rim pads don't come small enough for my horse by the way
and I do want some sole protection.

Bonnie Snodgrass

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