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Re: Shock Tamer Pads

Snodgrass, Bonnie wrote:

> I just bought Shock Tamer pads  I purchased them from the manufacturerHe
> suggested that we trim out the center
> of the pads to be used on the hind feet to improve traction

We haven't ever padded the back feet, even for the rocky OD trails and have done
fine...  Ergo we have not tried trimming out the centers in back for traction.
That was always my concern for padding in the back - no traction.  Let me know
how it works out if you do decide to use them in the rear.

> and leave the
> front pads whole except for drilling two drainage holes.  He also suggested
> using pine tar and oakum instead of silicone caulking underneath.

We tried silicone as well as pine tar & oakum - nothing really stayed in place
for the length of the ride.  We opted to NOT fill the pad and did drill out
drain holes.  We would flush the pads out with a syringe and water, and apply a
thrush remedy weekly under the pad.  The pads held up well & the sole & frog
looked better than trying to just pack the pad, but the fot was still
chronically moist under the pad.

DO NOT try to ride on their therapeutic pad with the pop out center.  It will
pop out if you are working the horse.  It is meant for reaching the sole on a
horse undergoing medical treatment.

> We're planning on using the pads for the Old Dominion rocks er, trails

Hey, we're working on exporting those rocks as fast as we can...  Everybody gets
to take one rock home.  If a rock lames the horse, you get two.  If you're from
Florida, load up the pick up for your budding rock garden!!  (BTW - rocks breed
like crazy.  There's always more, no matter how many you pick up!)

>  The rim pads don't come small enough for my horse by the way
> and I do want some sole protection.

That's the biggest problem with the rim pads that they make.  By the time we cut
them down to a size one shoe, most of the variable polymers are cut off.  By
that time, we do just as well with a generic rim pad.

I'm working really hard to get to the Old Dominion as a rider, depending on how
much training I get in & depending on whether Rocket stays sound.  Even if I go
to crew, I'll plan to be there.

Linda Flemmer

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