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Re: Pro Form Horse Supplement

Anne, could you list what the ingrediants in the supplement are?

And in the meantime, I'd try taking the hyper horse off the supplement
again and see if he calms down again.  If so, at least you know it's the
Pro Form and not something else.  You might also ask the barn
manager/staff/etc and see if there have been any other changes in his
normal routine or ration?  I knew someone once who had a normally nice
horse who all of a sudden started acting really nuts in his stall. 
After vet exams, changes in diet, talks with trainers, etc etc, they
discovered a rattlesnake living underneath his feed manger!  Snake gone,
everything back to normal.  Anyway, just a thought that you might ask
around if anything else has changed that might be causing the change in

Good luck!

Susan Garlinghouse

Anne Kusmich wrote:
> Hi Everyone!  I have re-subscribed to this forum after taking a break
> from all the e-mail!!  My new horse has taken up a lot of my time.
> I need your help.  Upon recommendation for my Peruvain Paso, I had
> started her on pro form supplement, not only for it's vitamins but for
> the "calming affect" it is suppose to have on "hyper" horses.  Because
> of all the nutritional ingredients in this supplement, I also began
> giving it to my Thoroughbred gelding.  It has been three weeks and it
> seems to me, and everyone at the barn, that the supplement may be having
> an adverse affect on him.
> He is not himself ... very skittish ... won't stay on cross ties without
> going crazy.  Seems to be afraid of everything all of a sudden ... I
> could go on and on ... he is just not himself.
> Do I go on using the supplement and let him get use to it ...?  Do I
> discontinue it immediately ... ?  Could it NOT be the supplement ...?
> I would appreciate your help ... anyone who has used pro form ...or
> anyone who has had a reaction to using new supplements ...
> Thank you so much!
> Anne K
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